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TuesdayMemo/EconMinute podcast: Win-win

September 18, 2015

"Win-win" is the topic for this week's podcast because it's "game on" for Portland's election season.

  • Oregon state treasurer Ted Wheeler enters the Portland mayor's race, facing off against incumbent Charlie Hales. The candidates are virtual twins: both are former Republicans turned Democrats, each trying the show that he is the most serious progressive candidate (or the most progressive serious candidate). What is the one issue on which they differ?
  • A majority of city council is up for grabs. Where are all the candidates? Where are Portland's Trumps and Sanders?
  • Mayor Hales has a plan to make housing more affordable ... by making it more expensive.
  • Trees, trees, and more trees. If you thought bikes were a source of city strife, try cutting down some 100 year old trees.

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